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The SetUpRecurringFacebook Watch
TeachersCo-StarTV Land
MomCo-StarCBS / Lorre
Jennifer FallsCo-StarTV Land
The Big Bang TheoryCo-StarCBS / Lorre
Austin & AllyRecurringDisney
The ForgottenCo-StarABC / Bruckheimer
Buried Alive (Mini-Series)Series RegularSony Pictures / FEARnet
ChickleBerry JamSeries RegularDir. Nicole Christoforakis
RideShare ConfessionsSeries RegularCrooked Astronaut
OpalRecurringSafran Digital Group


WTF: World Thumbwrestling FederationLeadDir. Enrico Natale
Spare ChangeSupportingDir. Arturo Guzman / Jonathan Talbert
Buried AliveLeadSony Pictures / FEARnet
MonstrumLeadDir. Peter Johnston
DisOrientationSupportingDir. Russell Whaley
Ditching PartySupportingDir. Demetrius Navarro
Man In The WallLeadDir. Satori Snow

Body & BloodLead (Dan)Skylight Theatre
I Might DoLead (Joel)Rogue Machine Theater**
Marat/Sade*Lead (Marquis De Sade)Center for Performing Arts
The Normal HeartLead (Ned Weeks)Center for Performing Arts
Baltimore WaltzLead (Carl)Centennial Theatre
Morning StarLead (Aaron Greenspan)Westhoff Theatre
Degas C’est MoiLead (Ed Degas)Allen Theater
Sophocles’ ElectraLead (Orestes)Allen Theater
The Fair Maid of the WestLead (Mullisheg)Westhoff Theatre
MacbethSupporting (Donalbain)Illinois Shakespeare Festival
Henry VIIISupporting (Gentleman #1)Illinois Shakespeare Festival
Date With a StrangerLead (Clark)Heartland Theatre Company
Blue StarsLead (Freddy)Illinois State University
The SkrikerSupporting (Bogle)Illinois State University

* Irene Ryan Nomination
** Company Member at Rogue Machine Theater


Groundlings (Advanced) // Ubright Citizens Brigade (Level 4) // Second City (Various Drop Ins)


B.A. – Acting – Illinois State University
Acting: Lori Adams, Patrick O’Gara, Kim Pereira, Janet Wilson, Jack McLaughlin-Gray
Voice: Marian Hampton
Movement: Paul Dennhardt
Study/Soap Opera Intensive: Mark Teschner, Karen Rae, Don Phillip Smith
Cold Reading: Nick Anderson, Christal Karge


Improv, Broad Physical Comedy, Numerous Character Voices, Computer Savvy, Working Audiences, Soccer, Public Speaking, Stick Shift Driving


☀️...and the livin’ is easy. 🎶 ...

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
- MLK Jr.

Getting it 💪 - Or at least trying to! 🤣

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Jeff Blum


My Bio

Jeff Blum is an actor and producer living in Los Angeles.

  • The lights are dim. We see two individuals rustling beneath sheets. They are obviously making love, or having sex, the difference is unclear.
  • JUDI
  • Oooh Greg…
  • GREG
  • Oooh Judi… Thanks baby, that was great! It was good for you too wasn’t it?
  • JUDI
  • I’m pregnant.
  • JEFF – A sparky young fellow enters through his Mother.
  • JEFF
  • Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I was thinking I want to be an actor! I was cast as Pinocchio in our 5th grade class production of “Pinocchio Don’t Smoke that Cigarette!” and it feels right!
  • GREG
  • That’s ironic, don’t a lot of those artsy and theater type people smoke?
  • Jeff prepares for High School as CHRIS – Jeff’s older brother enters.
  • Jeff, as your older, smarter, and more talented big brother I suggest you join the speech team at Downers Grove South. You will learn many great skills, like public speaking and there’s plenty of acting stuff too. If you want to act in high school, join the speech team, they go hand and hand!
  • JEFF
  • Thanks, Chris! I think I will!
  • CUT TO:   

  • JEFF
  • Wow! I cannot believe high school went by so fast! I feel like I accomplished a lot though. State Champion in Humorous Duet Acting my Junior year, 6th in the Nation that summer, and State runner up this year in Humorous Interpretation. Hey Chris, did you ever make it to state?
  • No…
  • JEFF
  • Oh… Well as your younger, smarter, and more talented little brother, I want to say thanks for telling me to join speech. You kinda have been my role model for all this theater stuff, and I just thought you should know that.
  • Oh… Well… thank you? Honestly you’ve really got some amazing talents in you. I guess the next step is college?
  • As if Jeff had no idea, he frantically fills out an application to Illinois State University where his talents will gain him admission to the School of Theater.
  • JEFF
  • College?!? Oh, right! College. I was thinking of going to Illinois State University, They have one of the best theater programs around!
  • Well go break legs!
  • JEFF
  • Thanks!
  • CUT TO:   

  • Jeff comes running in with a letter in hand… his parents wait in anticipation.
  • JEFF
  • This might be it!
  • JUDI
  • Well open it up! What does it say?
  • JEFF
  • It says I’ve been pre-approved for a credit card!
  • JUDI
  • Damn…
  • Jeff receives another letter.
  • GREG
  • I’ve got a good feeling about this one.
  • JEFF
  • I got in! Alright. Well I guess I’ll see you all in 4 years.
  • AMANDA – Jeff’s younger sassy sister enters with SCOTT – Jeff’s youngest brother.
  • Jeff that is great! Hey Mom, can I have his room?
  • No, I get his room!
  • The two fight and wrestle to the ground.
  • CUT TO:   

  • So, Jeff… why don’t you start by telling us why you got into acting?
  • JEFF
  • Well, I suppose I’ll start with the cliché that I’ve always had it in me. Ever since I was little the desire to perform and entertain was there. On a more intimate level I would say I have a passion for creating people and characters and bringing them to life. To entertain those watching me and make them laugh, cry, or just look at something in a different light. Being on stage or in front of the camera gives you a lot of power, and a profound ability to create something. Something …maybe it’s art, maybe it’s entertainment, maybe it’s something else, but whatever it is, it’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done.
  • FADE OUT:   


Jeff Blum has starred in numerous television shows, national commercials and feature films. Jeff Blum is also on instagram and twitter.

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